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MUNJOR, Kansas

An early view of Munjor from the church tower, looking west.


  The Founding of the Town of Munjor

     After landing in New York, the immigrants immediately headed westward.  Arriving in Kansas, some stayed a few days in Herzog (Victoria) with earlier immigrants; others arrived in Hays on July 28 and spent a short time there.  In a matter of only a few days, both of these groups moved to a tract of land along Big Creek, north of the present town of Munjor.  This site proved unsatisfactory and after two months, they moved to Section 25, Range 18 in Wheatland Township to establish their permanent home which is to this day the location of the town of Munjor.  Other immigrant groups arrived in Munjor in November 1876, September 1877, and July 1878.  After this, until about 1900, individuals and small groups continued to join the Munjor community.

     The people lived very closely together in houses built after the style of their forefathers in Russia - the lower half of the building dug into the ground, the upper part built of sod cut from prairie.  Those dwellings were called "Semlinkas."  The interior usually contained only two rooms: a small room with a fireplace and cooking materials, and a larger room which served as living, dining, and bed room.  Straw, sunflowers, and wood were used for fuel when available and, in their absence, decomposed cattle manure know as "Mistholz."  Large sheepskin coats, woven with fur on the inside, were brought from Russia and proved to be very practical during the first winters.  In general the women dressed much as they did in Russia wearing neither hats nor bonnets, but rather small, black shawls embroidered with designs in colored silk.  At first, the older men wore their hair long onto the neck, but this custom soon disappeared.

 Founders of Munjor

Left Saratov, July 8, 1876
     from Obermunjour, Russia
        Joseph Engel
        John Berg
        Franz Leiker
        Henry Leiker
        Joseph Leiker
        Konrad Leiker
        Michael Leiker
        Nicholas Leiker
        Peter Leiker

    from Wittmann, Russia
         John Dechant
         John Herl
         Henry Miller
         Henry Ruder
         Stanislaus Ruder
         Joseph Schreibvogel
         Anton Schumacher
         Catherine Schumacher
         Henry Schumacher
         George Schumacher

     from Marienthal, Russia
          Nicholas Eberle
          Peter Gross
          Mathias Rohr
          Peter Rohr

     from Schoenchen, Russia
          Anton Wasinger
          Anton Wasinger, Jr.

Left Saratov September 18-30, 1876 and arrived on November 1, 1876
     all from Obermunjor, Russia
          Anton Befort
          Konrad Befort
          Michael Graf
          Christian Hertel
          John Klaus
          John Krannawitter
          Jacob John Leiker
          Jacob Pfannenstiel

Left Herzog, August 8-20, 1877 and arrived on September 15, 1877
     from Herzog, Russia
          Anton Denning

     from Marienthal, Russia
          Adam Ernst
          Joseph Gassman
          Andrew Korbe
          Peter Pfannenstiel

Left Obermunjou in late July of 1878
     from Obermunjou, Russia
          Gerard Befort
          Anton Dechant
          Jacob Engel
          Peter Klaus
          John Pfannenstiel
          Konrad Rupp
          John Stecklein
          Anton Gabel (arrived later)




Research Material


Unsere Leute 100
Official Centennial
History of the Volga
German Setetlements
in Ellis & Rush Counties 1876-1976


Saint Francis Parish
Munjor, Ks.
1876 - 1976
By Fr. Earl Meyer

Saint Francis Parish
Munjor, Ks.
1976 - 2001

St. Francis Parish
Munjor, Kansas
Grains of Wheat
Record of deaths and burials 1876-1982


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